Five Tips for Making Academics a Priority

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By Dan Guttenplan, FNF Coaches Managing Editor

  1. Seek help from teachers. Make it easy for teachers to provide updates. Teachers are often very busy, but they want what you want: strong academic commitment from your players.
  2. Talk about academics on the field. If a player has achieved something special, recognize it on the field. If a player is not committed to his studies, provide appropriate discipline.
  3. Study as a team. Many college programs have mandatory study halls for freshmen. Don’t be afraid to sacrifice on-field practice time for study halls. Academics come first.
  4. Communicate with parents. If a player is struggling in the classroom, he will often tell his parents before coaches. However, coaches may have access to tutors or mentors.
  5. Encourage community service. Often students who engage in community service and other charitable efforts take pride in themselves, and in turn, pride in their academic performance.

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