Five Places to Add Signage to Improve Your Facilities

By Alex Ewalt, FNF Coaches Contributor

The offseason is prime time to promote your football program. Stadium signage and graphics for your campus can energize the fan base.


For most schools, the stadium will be in use nearly year-round. Soccer, track and field, lacrosse and other sports — not to mention any special events — will draw crowds of their own, offering a great opportunity to promote your team. Having traditional banners, fence banners, bleacher and step graphics throughout the stadium is key.


“Your stadium is pretty visible for the community,” Hodder says. “A lot of times, the bleachers back up to or face a road.” Take advantage of that visibility with a product like BigSigns’ bleacher backs, which fasten at the tops of bleachers and hang down with a fence screen. Now you’re grabbing people’s attention from blocks away.


Weight rooms, locker rooms and other facilities are also used by other school teams and community groups and are great places for high-res wall graphics. Here you can list program accomplishments or have something more eye-catching, like a collage of action shots. No need to pick out paint colors; your official colors will be matched exactly.


Consider a sign or banner next to a school’s car or bus entrance or next to the main school marquee. Decorate foot entrances with wall or door graphics as well. Hodder’s company offers premium one-way window graphics that display from the outside but allow clear viewing through the window from the inside.


Think about the other well-trafficked areas on campus. You can surround parking lots, school roads and driveways with signage and fence graphics or even use walkways as promotional areas with a product like BigSigns’ GatorAds, which are decals for concrete or asphalt surfaces. Think outside the box!

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