Energize Your Fanbase with Signage

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By Alex Ewalt, FNF Coaches Contributor

The offseason is prime time to promote your football program. Stadium signage and graphics for your campus can energize the fan base.

Even though the offseason months mean your team won’t be suiting up on Friday nights, promoting your program to the community and student body is a continual process. One of the best ways to engage potential ticket-buyers is to use graphics and signage in your stadium, in your school buildings and throughout your campus.

Russ Hodder, marketing director for BigSigns.com, points to a number of graphic choices that can attract future fans and pump up already-loyal ones.

“Graphics or signage is one of the top ways to create interest,” Hodder says. “From a community point of view, it’s huge.”

Whether you’re promoting season tickets, commemorating your latest region championship or displaying a favorite team slogan, there are many options to jazz up your school grounds with graphics. With today’s printing technology, companies like BigSigns.com have the ability to create signage to be displayed almost anywhere and on almost any surface.

Many graphics are capable of featuring high-quality reproductions of photos. Action shots of current or former players can be blown up and displayed prominently to engender team pride; just provide the photos and logos. Signage can be used to direct fans to the team website, promote ticket and merchandise sales, attract new boosters or even give premium advertising space to major sponsors.

“Branding-wise, it’s a great way to get the message out,” Hodder says.

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