Culture-building exercise: Stage a 1 v 1 tug-of-war competition

Staff Report

River Ridge High (Fla.) junior varsity head coach Brendan Boniol has found a culture-building exercise that works for his team. All he needs to make it work is a rope.

“The 1 v. 1 tug (is our culture-building exercise,” Boniol said. “The kids love it and thrive in the competition.”

Boniol answered some other questions about his team’s offseason goals.

What is the No. 1 goal for your team this spring?

Develop our young talent to build our teams program for the future.

What coaching apps do you use most often?


If you could snap your fingers and be gifted one new product for your football program, what would it be?

Zone chute.

What is one change you’ve made to your strength and conditioning program in the last year?

New weight room and new coach.

If you could have a cup of coffee with one football coach (living or deceased) who would it be?

Kyle Shanahan.

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