Create a Sports Marketing Department

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By FNF Coaches Staff

One of the biggest failures of any sponsorship program comes during the weeks leading up to game day, when the steps required to activate the sponsorship must take place. Do not underestimate the importance of this period. If you do not have a capable booster club, you must think outside of the box.

One suggestion: work with teachers, administrators, or fellow coaches to build a student-staffed sports marketing department. Every college program in the country, regardless of division, has a sports marketing department. Why should your high school be any different? There are more than enough students that would be interested in gaining the real-world experience. What does a sports marketing department do?

1 Work with sponsors on game-day activation. They hang banners, set up displays and interact with sponsors involved with promotions. Advice: Don’t leave banners up all season. Put them up and take them down for each game. It adds to the aura of game day!

2 Get fans to the game. The sports marketing department promotes activities that will take place at the game. Their efforts should attract more fans which is a win-win situation for your sponsors and also your ticket office.

3 Stay in contact with sponsors. Make sure they are happy and address any issues that arise. It may take a season to get this program going but the benefits of creating a sports marketing department will certainly pay off sooner rather than later. And they will provide a sustainable impact both for the school and the individuals involved.

4 Design a logo for your sports marketing department.Find teachers and coaches willing to discuss the concept. You will be surprised how a logo will help sell the idea.

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