Concussions: The Resources for Information

By Dan Guttenplan, FNF Coaches Managing Editor

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

The CDC offers coaches opportunities for continuing education on concussion training through online courses and the Heads Up app. The CDC website – – offers information on brain injuries, helmet safety, online courses and resources for coaches to post in their locker rooms and distribute in team meetings. The Mississippi State Department of Health endorses the CDC’s Heads Up: Concussion in Youth Sport online course as a resource for coaches, parents and athletes. The Mississippi Youth Concussion Law of 2014 requires that concussion education be made available for parents and other interested Mississippians.


The VICIS Foundation

The VICIS Foundation started from a realization that many schools and youth leagues lack access to the latest sports protective equipment. VICIS Foundation is a non-profit organization committed to helping high schools and youth leagues gain access to the latest helmets, other sports protective equipment, and sports safety educational programs. The VICIS ZERO1 helmet, designed to reduce impact forces, is the culmination of a 3-year, $20 million research and development effort shaped by some of the world’s leading athletes, engineers and neurosurgeons. To apply for a grant through the VICIS Foundation, visit


National Operating Committee on Standards for Athletic Equipment

The NOCSAE commissions research in sports medicine and science and establishes standards for athletic equipment, where feasible. In its efforts in this field, the Committee fosters and encourages the dissemination of information on research findings on athletic equipment, injury data, and other closely related areas of inquiry through the organizations represented on the NOCSAE Board of Directors, and other entities in the fields of athletic and sports medicine. In January of 2017, The NOCSAE Standards Committee finalized revisions to its existing football helmet standard that limits maximum rotational forces that are involved in many concussions.


Virginia Tech 5-STAR Rating

Since 2011, Virginia Tech researchers have been providing unbiased helmet ratings that allow consumers to make informed decisions when purchasing helmets. The helmet ratings are the culmination of over 10 years of research on head impacts in sports and identify which helmets best reduce concussion risk. This work is done as part of Virginia Tech’s service mission and is 100 percent independent of any funding or influence from helmet manufacturers. The helmet ratings identify which helmets best reduce concussion risk. To view Virginia Tech’s rated helmets, visit

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