Comparing Weight Training Apps: TeamBuildr vs. MaxOne

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By Dan Guttenplan, FNF Coaches Editor

As teams in many states move into the offseason strength and conditioning program, it’s important for coaches to know what’s available when it comes to online platforms for programming workouts. 

We reached out to our audience of coaches to learn about different strength and conditioning apps coaches are using during the pandemic. Here’s a spotlight on two that coaches are using.


TeamBuildr allows coaches to write training programs, build questionnaires and access athlete performance data. Whether you use iPads, Chromebooks or Android – TeamBuildr is fully compatible. For coaches who have access to TV monitors for the weight room, TeamBuildr is a great organizational and motivational tool.

TeamBuildr’s TV modules now serve three purposes:

A live leaderboard: This module provides instant feedback on max lifts for each exercise.

TV mode: This acts like a Facebook feed and is populated with personal bests, new max records, and highs for each exercise as soon as the information is entered into the TeamBuildr database.

Weight room timer: This allows a coach to set a timer, and the TV module will alert athletes of which exercise to do, and when to do it.

TeamBuildr on iTunes

TeamBuildr on Google Play

Coach’s Quote

“The communication aspect of it is nice. It has a team feed like a Facebook homepage. I post challenges to kids. They can post the videos wearing their gear. We had a lip synch battle. You can private message and that keeps from having a text go to everyone. It’s kind of like HUDL that way.”

— Brush High (Ohio) strength coach Ryan Dugan


MaxOne is an all-in-one coaching app that helps coaches to communicate better, train better and coach better. This football coaching software was built by coaches for coaches to ensure the best results.

The feedback we received from coaches was generally focused on the ability to build custom strength programs – simplifying the tracking of workouts by delivering them right to your athlete’s phone. Athletes get key points on technique as they perform and record their results in real time. With fewer athletes and coaches in the weight room at one time due to COVID restrictions, this platform serves as an extra set of eyes as well an instructor in the weight room.

Coaches can use the “Percent of Max” feature to assign custom weights to each athlete.

Coaches also have the ability to send custom skill workouts for quarterbacks, linemen or receivers. Athletes are sent the workouts on their phones and then simply watch the video, perform the workouts, and record the results. With all of the workouts logged, athletes will be able to see their improvement overtime.

MaxOne on iTunes

MaxOne on Google Play

Coach’s Quote

“The pandemic has made it difficult to correct every technique issue. The kids can log in and see videos of proper technique linked to each lift and they self-coach. It makes my role in the weight room a lot more effective.”

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