San Jose State Coach Shares 4 Tips for Players Getting Recruited

By Dan Guttenplan, FNF Coaches Editor

Alonzo Carter is the recruiting coordinator and running backs coach at San Jose State University. He recently shared four tips for players who are getting recruited.

1. Find out where you rank on the recruiting board.

“The biggest tip to give for players during this dead period is to personalize your relationships with the coaches. If you’re being offered, you should find out where you are on the board. Just because a kid gets an offer doesn’t mean it’s set in stone. I might offer five players one scholarship. That’s normal. Just because it’s an offer doesn’t mean it’s the No. 1 committable offer. Find out where you are on the board and if it’s a committable offer.”

2. Personalize relationships with college coaches.

“Once you figure out that piece, it’s important that you get a solid relationship with the position coach and area coach. Without having a whole lot of film, a lot is predicated on your relationship with that position coach and area coach. He’s going to have to sell that young man to his staff. If there’s no relationship — and it’s all surface level texting or film-based stuff — that’s not enough. Some players missed the entire season, so I need to know what their character is like, what their family situation is like. I just asked a recruit to have his parents give me a call. I want to know everything about him.”

3.  See and be seen.

“I’m on FaceTime calls with recruits — even in January. I want to keep those relationships candid and open. They’re seeing my face, and I’m see theirs. Don’t get so consumed with social media, DMs and keeping up with the Joneses. Make those relationships as personal as possible. If the school offers a virtual tour, take one. That always helps.”

4. Get your academic affairs in order.

“The most important thing of all is getting your transcript evaluated and making sure you’re on track with 16 core courses. At the end of your junior year, you should have 10 core courses completed. Get officially evaluated to make sure you’re on track. A lot of people think the only thing that matters on the transcript is the GPA, but you need to make sure you’re officially evaluated to make sure you’re a qualifier.”

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