CoachTube Video: Trick Plays from Del Oro High School (Calif.)

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With the playoffs coming up, there’s no better time to install a few trick plays. When your team is on the ropes or just needs to change the momentum, these plays can do the trick.

Del Oro (Calif.) coach Jeff Walters, a 2004 graduate of Del Oro, led the Lions to consecutive playoff berths in the 2013 and 2014 seasons, earning the school’s first-ever playoff victory in 2014. His overall record at Liberty was 22-21, including 14 wins in his first two seasons. This occurred at a school that had not experienced a winning record since the 2005 season.

Get tricky with formations that you haven’t put on film during the regular season, overloading left and right. Having many trick plays and unbalanced formations keeps it fun and fresh for the boys, and in turn keeps numbers high and strong.

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