CoachTube Video: Read Everything with Unlimited Options (2:40)

Source: CoachTube

Our friends at CoachTube have allowed us to share this video. Coach Joe Osovet is a mad scientist, experimenting with the RPO like few others.

In fact, he’ll tell you that his offense at ASA College in Brooklyn, N.Y., is made up of over 90 percent post-snap RPO!

That might sound crazy to you, but it turns out it’s pretty effective.

Coach Osovet has consistently churned out top 10 offenses at his last stop as a coach, and now at ASA.

How does he do it? Find out from the man himself.

Read Everything with Unlimited Options covers topics like:

  • How to get the defense to play laterally instead of downhill
  • How to get the ball to your playmakers AND create vertical alleys for them to run downhill
  • How to maximize the talent of those undersized slot players
  • Includes game clips and more!

If you’re interested in either running the RPO or learning how to defend it, you can’t afford NOT to book this course.

Don’t wait, get started today!

Purchase the course for $19.99 here.

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