CoachTube Video: Preseason Drill Program For Developing Your Running Backs (3:41)

Source: CoachTube Triple Threat Spread Offense By Coach Bobby Acosta

Bobby Acosta an established offensive coordinator and WR/TE specialist. He’s teamed up with Tony Racioppi, a pro and college quarterback trainer, to create a system that connects schemes, ideologies, and team culture with individual position training plans. At Triple Threat Spread Offense, we feel that when systems intentionally combine all aspects of offensive football from team culture, playbook, and drills that you can get the most out of your team.

We believe systems help simplify the game while allowing you as a coach to do multiple things. Through CoachTube we will release courses that depict how Coach Acosta and Coach Racioppi use our system to get the most out of their players and offenses.

Here’s a free sample video of a running back drill manual.

If you’d like to purchase the entire course for $50, visit the CoachTube course page.

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