CoachTube Video: Belichick and Brady’s Favorite Route Concept

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Our friends at CoachTube shared this intro video with us from a course from state-champion coach Thad Wells.

The Patriots have been relying on this play in big moments of big games for the last several years.


It has built-in answers to every single coverage you could ever see, making it great no matter what you face week to week. You can also call this on 1st, 2nd or 3rd down, which makes it an easy play to call no matter the situation.

The concept can also be incorporated into almost any offensive system. Once your players learn this concept, you can carryover the fundamentals to several other routes.

This concept is a combination of some of the most used route combos against each type of coverage you can face. By adjusting one or two receivers during the pre-snap process you will create a combo that is good versus the coverage you face each play. We have been doing this at the high school level for years.

In this course you will get:

  • A basic overview of the play (using NFL footage)
  • 3D playbook installation overview
  • Detailed information on each player’s route
  • How to communicate the play between the coach, QB and WR’s
  • How to practice the concept
  • How to disguise the concept
  • How to use it as a full field concept
  • How to use it as a back side or front side tag
  • How to use it as an RPO

Purchase the entire course for $5.