CoachTube Video: Advanced Practice System Introduction (17:19)

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Source: CoachTube

Thad Wells is the head high school football coach at Mooresville High School in North Carolina. Wells is known for his creativity and thoughtful approach to life and the game of football. The way he runs his program is unique, his offense is unique, and how he teaches the game is unique.

A good head coach or coordinator spends more time designing practices then probably anything else during the season. How you go about doing so is a major decision for the success of your program. Since most coaches have been doing it the same way for decades, this is an area you can get an advantage over the competition.

The Advanced Practice System is an improvement on the old standard spreadsheet system coaches have been using for decades.

The main improvements are:

  • More space to write in notes for coaches.
  • Adjustable print sizes so a coach could put the schedule inside of a wrist coach or print it off larger to fit in a sheet protector if desired.
  • Easier ability to create templates for each day, week, and phase of the season.
  • The use of checklists to create reminders and make scheduling practices faster.
  • The ability to give schedules to more people within the program, including specialist, so everyone is organized and efficient.

Also included in this course is a discussion on the principles of practice. This discussion includes research from some of the top books on the topic of increasing talent level. You will also get a list of 16 books that Thad recommends for improving your team’s practices.

After gaining full access to this course you will receive both a Google Sheet template and an Excel file. The system works best with Google but will also work in Excel.

To purchase the full course on the Advanced Practice System, visit CoachTube.