CoachTube: Training a Coaching Staff and Year-Round Responsibilities

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Source: CoachTube

Many of us are starting to map out our offseason schedule, and this is a topic that can’t be overlooked.

The first step in any offseason plan should be self-evaluation. That includes evaluating your coaching staff and looking for ways to delegate to help your assistants develop into better coaches.

Coach Jason McManus has video showing you what his offensive coaching staff do in the off-season, during the week, at weekend coaches meetings, and what their scouting duties are.

Coach Jason McManus was a college coach for 12 years before becoming the offensive coordinator at South Pointe High School in South Carolina. Playing in the highest classification, South Pointe won four consecutive state titles, had a 55-5 record including a 26-game win streak, and was ranked No. 6 in the country by USA Today.

His offense runs an Air Raid RPO system.

Purchase the entire course for $20.

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