CoachTube: Speed for Football — 8 Week Program

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Source: CoachTube

Our friends at CoachTube were nice enough to share this free video as a teaser for a longer series about speed training.

Looking to improve your team speed on the field? Here’s a proven training routine that’s guaranteed to produce results in eight weeks or less.

Speed For Football was designed by world-class speed training coach Bob King. This agility football course features a solid eight weeks of training routines along with all the necessary instructional diagrams and videos to ensure your technique is perfect. For best results, check out to get the training equipment seen in these videos.

Coach King’s athletic development program is rooted in decades of developing faster athletes from the youth level to the world’s highest stage. With that, Texas high school football state championships, three Super Bowl wins with the Dallas Cowboys, years of training Men and Women’s Olympic Gold and Silver medalists and decades of equipping dedicated football players to run the gauntlet of NFL preparation.

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