The Key to Establishing Culture (Get Rid of People)


Staff Report

The Tennessean featured some of the top high school coaches in the Nashville area last week and dug into the steps a coach must take to rebuild a struggling program.

Stewarts Creek’s David Martin was one of the coaches featured. He inherited a Goodpasture program in 1992 that was 29-31 over the previous six seasons. Martin won three state titles and finished as the state runner-up five times over the next  21 seasons.

“You have to build your culture, what’s your expectations are,” Martin said. “That’s not going to be easy. You’re going to get rid of a lot of people who can’t and won’t meet those expectations. … Sometimes you have to lose to gain. You have to lose some kids who don’t want to do that and then gain some kids who want to be part of your program. You do a lot of that in your offseason program. Another thing you have to have is tremendous administrative support. If they’re not behind you, you have no chance anyway.”

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