Coach of Florida Football Powerhouse Gives Tips on Moving Weight Room Outside

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By Dan Guttenplan, FNF Coaches Editor

Since his hire in 2017, Evan Davis has led the Armwood football team to two Florida state title games and established one of the premier football programs in the nation.

His team returned to practice during Phase 1 of Florida’s return-to-play plan in mid-June, when the state guidelines required all high school football teams to meet in groups of fewer than 20 players with all workouts outside. Davis moved his weight room outside and has seen surprising gains over the last month.

He recently joined FNF Coaches for an interview on the podcast. That will drop on the FNF Coaches website next week.

Here is a transcript of part of the conversation.

How are you keeping your players safe since the return to play?

“We have to create our own bubble. What do I mean by that? We have not been wearing masks together as we work out as a football team. I stress to them that when they’re sitting around with family, they’re not wearing masks. We are our own bubble. So, we really need to protect what we’re doing. When you’re not together as a team, you need to be wearing a mask. Social distance and wash your hands. Protect us and protect our team because we don’t have the bubble that NBA teams have.”

How have you been able to get your players back in shape?

“I’ve been pleasantly surprised, but that’s because of the group we have. We had to be outside during Phase 1 for us. I was the crazy one who took the whole weight room outside. We’ve been lifting since the second week of June. We’ve done a month of weights, so that’s huge. We had a ticket booth close to where we set up the weights outside, so we’d put all of the weights in and take them back out. God blessed us that we didn’t have to deal with any weather. We couldn’t go inside. If I was a coach going through that now, I’d have something prepared under shelter for the kids to ride it out if it started raining. If it doesn’t pass, come back the next day and start over. Take every rep as a blessing. If you can’t get the whole workout in, it’s better than nothing. That’s the focus right now.”

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