Claim Your Access to the Advanced Tackling System

USA Football’s Advanced Tackling System provides drills, terminology and grading instruction to better develop all types of tackles in-practice and in-game.

Developed in conjunction with tackling expert Richie Gray, this system provides drills and terminology to better develop all types of tackles and help coaches analyze and improve their defenders’ success through key performance indicators.

This framework uses the 5 Fights progression to train better tacklers, with each “fight” representing the mental exercise needed to execute the finer details.

The Advanced Tackling System includes in-depth instruction on…

  • Tracking the ball-carrier
  • Preparing for the tackle
  • Connecting with the opponent
  • Accelerating the feet
  • Finishing the tackle
  • Grading and measuring

Your defense is only as good as each tackler. Equip your staff with a common language, a systematic teaching progression and evaluation tools to help them build better defenders.

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