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FNF Coaches will be hiring media/marketing professionals in the coming months.

FNF Coaches was originally published under the name FUEL Football Coaches from 2010 and was published as an annual magazine that catered exclusively to high school football coaches. In 2016, the magazine rebranded to FNF Coaches in order to align with a companion high school football brand, FNF, which publishes annual high school preview magazines and also executes in-season events. In 2017, FNF Coaches was upgraded to a 24/7/365 property as the print magazine will expand from a single issue to eight annual issues and will be bolstered by a new website,, and a robust mobile app. The focus of our approach remains the same — we are 100 percent committed to delivering news and information to high school football coaches.

FNF Coaches is based in St. Petersburg, FL, but serves more than 10,000 high school football head coaches across the country. FNF Coaches is currently seeking individuals across the country who are interested in joining the FNF team as marketers, writers, content developers and ambassadors. If you are interested in joining the FNF team, our job is to find you a spot on the roster.

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