Champion Coaches in Florida Discover New Training Device

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By Dan Guttenplan, FNF Coaches Managing Editor

Frog Fitness partnered this spring with two of the most prestigious programs in Florida – Miami Central and Cocoa High.

In 2015, Miami Central became just the third team in state history to win five championships in a six-year span when it captured its fourth consecutive Class 6A championship.

Cocoa won its fourth Class 4A championship in program history last December with a 31-17 victory over Jacksonville Bolles.

Cocoa coach John Wilkinson and Miami Central assistant coach Derrick Gibson shared their thoughts on The Frog after going through the orientation process at their respective schools in June.

Q&A with Cocoa Coach John Wilkinson

What are your initial thoughts about The Frog after going through the training?

“It’s unlimited in options. We can use it for warmup, conditioning at the end of practice, and competition days in the summer. Obviously it provides stability in the joints. The big thing is you’re conditioning the entire body so that you’re just as good in the fourth quarter as the first.”

How will it make them stronger in the fourth quarter?

“Everything is based on core strength and shooting for peak performance. We don’t want to have peak performance for a short amount of time. They want to have it as long as they possibly can. It will help us get over the hump with total body conditioning.”

Will other sports teams at Cocoa use The Frogs?

“We’ll have an all-sports day and show them the benefits of what we’ve learned. The trainers from Frog Fitness were awesome. They say to keep in touch, and we will. We’ll use it for every fall, winter and spring sports team. Every team will benefit.”


Q&A with Miami Central Assistant Coach Derrick Gibson

How did you become aware of The Frog?

“I was on YouTube, and I saw people doing the exercises. I thought, ‘Wow! That works really well.’ It’s an intense full-body workout that taxes the core.”

How did the players respond to the orientation?

“They were really excited. They thought it was a good, challenging workout. I definitely think it will help them get better. It breaks down their flaws and taxes the whole body.”

How do you think it will help them get better?

“I really believe it will prevent a lot of injuries. It attacks all of the muscles that being in the weight room can’t attack. It’s a great injury-prevention thing and helps with all of the core muscles and shoulder stability.”

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