Belleview (Fla.) High Finds Training Device That Refreshes Coaches

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By Dan Guttenplan, FNF Coaches Managing Editor

The Belleview football team was in need of a change following the 2015 season when the Rattlers went 1-9. The coaches wanted to ramp up the strength program last spring, and they decided to take a chance on The Frog.

The Frog is the result of years of relentless hard work, research and development, and scientific testing. The Frog is already being widely accepted throughout the NFL, the NBA, Pro Motocross, and MMA. Even America’s most respected warriors throughout the U.S. Military are training with The Frog, and most recently Olympic athletes began adding The Frog to their training regimens.

Belleview got the ball rolling in the right direction in 2016 with a 6-3 record. Athletes from other sports – such as wrestling and weightlifting – began training with The Frog last winter. One Belleview wrestler and one weightlifter took home individual state championships.

Belleview strength coach Chris Hickman attributes the school’s improved performance in various sports directly to athletes training with The Frog.

“The Frog system was exactly what we needed as far as cutting-edge technology mixed with gold old-fashioned hard work,” Hickman said. “The Frog gave each player the opportunity to compete with themselves as well as their teammates. This competition brings every player’s game up another level.”

Belleview experienced dramatic improvement on the football field from the start of the 2016 season. The team’s stamina was evident as the Rattlers scored 40 or more points in all six wins. The Rattlers also qualified for the FHSAA Class 5A Tournament.

“Our program was stuck in a proverbial rut of completing routines,” Hickman said. “We weren’t bringing out the greatest intensity, which is what football is truly about. Our players immediately responded with how their bodies were feeling new muscles that that were not being activated by previous strength and conditioning programming.”

Hickman said the feel-good nature of the training extended beyond the players to the coaches.

“The new muscle recruitment combined with a dynamic system created a culture of high energy that boosted our athletes to the next level,” Hickman said. “The system also helped refresh our coaching staff that had the responsibility of making our organization feel invigorated so we could become a powerhouse on the field.”

Belleview has opened the 2017 season with a 3-0 record. Hickman has also seen the team’s rate of injury decrease significantly.

“Each player has a different level of fitness, and The Frog allows each individual athlete to strengthen his body at his own pace,” Hickman said. “We have noticed the players have a greater range of motion in their hips and shoulders, as well as dramatic core strengthening. In football, being able to generate power is key, and this program did just that. We noticed an obvious increase in our players’ athleticism.

“The experience with The Frog has been an amazing journey. The football program has definitely benefitted in various ways, and we look forward to making continued progress as we move forward in our pursuit of a championship.”


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