Alabama state champ assistant coach reveals app he uses to design plays

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By Dan Guttenplan, FNF Coaches Editor

Oxford High (Ala.) linebackers coach Justin Bowen wasn’t content with his play-design operation even after his team won an Alabama 6A state championship in 2019.

He decided to investigate new play design apps this fall, and he’s settled on Tackle Football Playmaker.

How long have you been using Playmaker?

“I started using Playmaker this year when I came across it looking for a new platform to create plays quicker end easier.”

How does it work?

“I use Playmaker to draw up formations and plays to help our defense and our players individually prepare for our opponent of the week.”

How do you share new plays with your staff and players?

“You can share the plays with other coaches, and it allows them to create and edit the plays as well. I like to take screenshots of the top plays and send them to players to review. In the digital world we live in, players always have their phones on them so it’s great to be able to send those directly to them. There are other platforms that allow coaches to do this, but I really like Playmaker and how easy it is to use. Being able to use the touchscreen feature on your iPad paired with this app makes it extremely easy to edit and create plays FAST!”

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