Advice for Newly Hired Assistant Coaches: Be Visible

By Alex Ewalt, FNF Coaches Contributor

Norcross (Ga.) defensive line coach Corey Richardson understands the challenges that face offseason assistant hires, many of which are still completing their spring teaching duties at their current schools. Though it may be difficult, Richardson encourages assistants to be as visible as possible, given they live close enough to their next job.

“We have assistants who will drive over in the morning before school to come to meetings,” he says. “Sometimes guys will drive over after school to see how we set up the weight room.”

If time and travel permit, build as many relationships with the current staff as you can. Make connections, establish common bonds in the coaching profession, share stories and generally get to know everyone.

Richardson also reminds new assistants not to lose sight of their duties in the classroom once they get to their new campus.

“If you take care of your business in the school building, everything else will take care of itself,” he says. “The head coach and other coaches will be looking at you in this part of the job as well.”

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