A Shift in Technology: CoachPad and Custom Facemasks

By Matt Starr, CEO of Sideline Power

The changing landscape of high school football is forcing coaches to become more organized so they can take advantage of fewer practice opportunities with players. Facemasks will also be a part of every team’s equipment pack this fall.

I’m Matt Starr, Founder and CEO of Sideline Power. Sideline Power works to find and bring cutting edge technology to the football industry in order to help coaches win. Sideline Power has partnered with FNF Coaches to create an educational article each issue on different innovative products. With preseason workouts just around the corner and all the media attention on COVID-19, It’s time to get #PoweredUP with this month’s featured products, The CoachPad and custom facemasks.

“The Binder,” every coach has one, and it’s usually stuffed full of scout cards. Some coaches have eschewed the traditional binder in favor of technology, making large quantities of documents much more portable. The biggest drawback to tablets is that when you get out on the field, the screen is extremely difficult to see in sunlight. Now there is a tablet on the market that combines portability with visibility even in direct sunlight.

The CoachPad is a unique product that provides the capabilities and capacity of a tablet with the look and feel of traditional paper. The CoachPad is a stand-alone device that easily integrates with your desktop to quickly and efficiently transfer PDF files to and from the computer. This allows you to draw up scout cards in your preferred program and easily get them organized and stored on a portable device. With built in wireless and Bluetooth capabilities, The CoachPad offers the ability to wirelessly transfer files directly to a computer and several other cloud platforms like Dropbox. Flexibility is critical, and sometimes you need to draw up a scout card on the fly. With The CoachPad you can easily draw up any type of card or note that you want, and it can be automatically converted to a PDF file when you close out of it. Another great feature is that script and symbols can be converted to type simply by tapping on them. This way, you are able to take handwritten notes and then convert it to type for ease of reading. While The CoachPad is intuitive and easy to use, The CoachPad YouTube channel is full of instructional videos starting with basic use and covering the full functionality of the device.

While you are prepping for the season and looking at new tech to improve your program, the unfortunate reality of the world today is we don’t know how much of a season we are going to have. With different areas of the country either recommending or mandating face masks, Sideline Power is here to help you keep your kids safe and show school pride at the same time. Facemasksforschools.com provides custom ordering for facemasks in quantities of 500 or more. For quantities under 500, masks only available with the Sideline Power logo printed on them. The three-layer mask consists of a microfiber exterior, a cotton interior, with a filter in between.  Masks are 100% washable and the ear loops are adjustable for a secure fit. When ordering through facemasksforschools.com your program can order in quantity with the price per mask decreasing as the quantity increases. Bulk order quantities over 500 allow you to put your school logo on any color of mask you choose. If you do not want to order in bulk, we can also set up terms where we handle all the inventory and all masks are purchased through us for $6.50 per mask. Custom color and logo is available after a pre-order quantity of 70 has been reached. Additionally, $1 of each mask purchased is given back to the school.

For more information on The CoachPad, visit www.sidelinepower.com or call 800-496-4290, to order custom facemasks, visit www.facemasksforschools.com. Let us know how we can help your program get #PoweredUp.

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