A Perennial State Championship Contender in Florida Skipped Practice for a Week

Source: The Tampa Bay Times

Plant High football coach Robert Weiner has been involved with the Muscular Dystrophy Association’s annual summer camp for nearly 40 years.

That relationship appeared to be temporarily on hold this summer when the directors called about a potential problem. The four state-wide camps were being combined into one at a facility in Umatilla, pushing the date to the second week of August.

Not only did the MDA camp coincide with the start of fall practice, it was taking place during the first week players are allowed to participate in pads. This was not the sort of interruption a program that consistently competes for state titles needed.

Still, the directors were desperate. The Panthers usually attend the camp as a team with the players serving as volunteer counselors who provide around-the-clock care and attention for the children. With about 500 kids attending this year, volunteers were at a premium.

Weiner made the unprecedented move of canceling practice from Aug. 5-10 so his team could attend. He did so without hesitation.

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