A No-Shave High School Fundraiser That Works

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Source: The Journal-News (Ohio)

The more facial hair grown by Greater Miami Conference (Ohio) high school male staffers, male students and participating residents in the schools’ communities, the more money raised to help the family of athletic director Richard Bryant’s friend and former student who died recently.

The “No Shave November” fundraiser was Bryant’s idea after his friend Joe Bertram, 32, died last month from cancer.

Bertram – a Hamilton resident and father of two — was an assistant principal at GMC-member Colerain High School in northern Hamilton County.

“I had the honor of coaching Joe, teaching Joe and being a part of Joe’s adult life as an educator, husband and father. The most difficult aspect about this tragedy is that Joe passed away at the age of 32,” said Bryant, who first met and coached Bertram in middle school football.

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