A Former High School Coach Who Became Dean of Students

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Source: WHTC’s Morning News Blog

Josh Rumpsa, a one-time Holland Christian High football coach and teacher, has swapped wearing maroon colors to that of the red and white of Holland High (Mich.) as its new Dean of Students this fall.

“Yeah, when I heard the title too, it was somewhat new to me,” he admitted during today’s weekly “What’s New in Holland Public Schools” segment on “WHTC Morning News.” “The ‘assistant principal’ role is more focused on the curricular pieces, supporting teacher development, and gauging the learning that is going on in the classrooms. The ‘dean of students’ is more of the social, emotional support (for the students, gauging the) climate and culture, getting the pulse of the student body, and making sure that students are well supported in that way.

“There’s still an element of (being a truant officer), Rumpsa continued. “I walk through the hallways and ‘encourage’ attendance, but there are other elements as well. We have a great team that works to create measures that not just try to correct behavior, but to really encourage positive behavior, to celebrate the culture that we do have here.”

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