A Coach Who Seeks Out the Best Technology

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By Dan Guttenplan, FNF Coaches Managing Editor

Genesee High (Idaho) coach Tim Sperber strives to provide his team with “the best equipment, best facilities, and best training”. Sperber helped that cause by submitting an entry for the 2017 FNF Coaches Sideline Replay System Contest.

Sperber officially nominated Genesee High for the contest prize — an Insight Replay Sideline Replay System – by downloading the FNF Coaches app and entering the contest. Genesee was selected among a pool of applicants, and Sperber and the Genesee staff received the sideline replay system prior to the team’s Homecoming game on Sept. 15.

“It’s really cool for us,” Sperber said. “We are one of the smallest schools in Idaho, but one thing we do is make sure our kids get the best technology and resources they can get.”

Genesee’s 8-man football team also has access to a drone video system. This spring, the coaching staff also allocated fundraising resources to an end zone camera. Genesee’s game film quality is already second to none at the high school level in Idaho due to a partnership with a cinematographer for Washington State University and the Pac-12 Conference. That cinematographer also volunteers as a video producer for Genesee.

“We have the best film you can imagine for a small school,” Sperber said. “We’re planning to use the sideline system at home and when we travel on the road. Our cinematographer already has a plan.”

Sperber’s decision to prioritize new technology this season appears to be paying dividends on the field. Genesee started the season 2-0 including the team’s first victory over a local powerhouse in six years.

“We’re excited about putting the Sideline Replay System into our system,” Sperber said. “Once we get it on our iPad, a coach can walk it over to the sideline and show it to me along with the footage we’re getting from our end-zone camera.”

FNF Coaches will continue to offer subscribers contest prizes. The FNF Coaches app is available for free on iTunes (designed for both the iPhone and iPad) and Amazon (for Android).

8 Tips for Using Sideline Replay

Delegate responsibility. Decide which coaches are responsible for viewing devices before the game starts.

Provide players with a monitor. A bigger screen will allow more players to see it and make corrections.

Consider the weather elements. There’s no use having a 47-inch monitor if it’s not working because it’s been soaked in rain. Provide cover for electronics.

Make time to review film. Coordinators and head coaches don’t have time to go through unedited clips. Edit and share video as quickly as possible.

Identify a tech genius. At least one person needs to know the purpose of an HDMI cord and antennae.

Use a secure network. You don’t want to share your in-game adjustments with an opponent.

Use multiple cameras. The more views of the action, the better.

Load video to HUDL. Take advantage of the technology postgame by allowing players to review.

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