A Breakthrough “Outside the Helmet” Coach To Player Communication System

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By John Hooper, Porta Phone Founder

The Porta Phone CLIP is a revolutionary Coach to Player communicator. What makes the CLIP system totally unique is that rather than being installed inside a player’s helmet, this powerful wireless receiver is worn externally on the practice jersey. Since listening volume is totally adjustable, a coach can speak to a single player or all 11 players in a huddle.

At the heart of each complete system is THE CLIP itself, a miniature speaker housed in a protective neoprene enclosure with a military steel clip. Not only a teaching tool for practice, on game day The CLIP becomes a wireless player phone allowing a press box coach to instruct a player or even multiple players on the sideline. This versatility allows your staff to utilize THE CLIP all season long, even on Friday nights.

Set-up and operation of this system couldn’t be easier. Just charge up the CLIP’s internal battery (charging sled provided), turn it “ON”, and snap onto any player’s jersey. The coach is provided with a Porta Phone GOLD series wireless headset that features a radio inside the ear cup (no beltpack required) and can speak with players anywhere within a 400 yard range.

Check these “Outside Of The Helmet” CLIP benefits:

  • No NOCSE helmet certification considerations
  • Instantly transferrable among players Offense or Defense
  • Share between athletes without concern for hygiene
  • Use during regular season games as a wireless press box to sideline player phone

A complete Coach to Player football system including THE CLIP and Porta Phone GOLD series wireless headset starts at $795. Adding additional CLIP receivers, unlimited users, can be done at a minimal cost of $130 each. Porta Phone can even supply a custom CLIP system allowing coaches to switch between Offensive & Defensive players wearing a CLIP and operating on separate channels. Rechargeable batteries, charger, and a padded soft-side case for convenient storage and transport included.

Since 1961 the Porta Phone Company has been the leading supplier of rock solid football coach headsets. To learn more about THE CLIP or to see Porta Phone’s complete line-up of wireless headsets Visit: www.portaphone.com or call (800) 233-1113.