8 Advantages for Coaches Getting an Advanced Degree

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By Dan Guttenplan, FNF Coaches Managing Editor

Going back to school can be a worthwhile experience for high school coaches looking to advance their respective careers. Sometimes, the hands-on experience in the field is just as valuable as the degree.

Keri Timmerman, former head coach at Lake Worth (Texas), and Bob Jones, former athletic director at Bastrop (Texas), recently shared their experiences of going back for advanced degrees in hopes of boosting their professional careers. Timmerman earned his Master’s degree in sports administration management at Hardin Simmons University. Jones earned his Master’s degree from Kearney State College – now University of Nebraska Kearney.

The coaches offered eight advantages to earning a Master’s degree.

Design Your Own Curriculum.

Timmerman helped design the sports administration management program at Hardin Simmons, so he shadowed prominent coaches in the area to see how they ran their respective programs.

Get Behind the Scenes Experience.

Timmerman shadowed a coach that was going through a facility renovation. He learned about fundraising, working with school committees, and facility maintenance.


Timmerman served as a volunteer coach at Waco Midway during his course study, giving him the inside track to his first position as a coordinator.

Learn New Schemes.

Timmerman wanted to learn the spread offense, so he served as a graduate assistant on a college staff that was implementing the spread.

Work Under Legendary Coaches.

Jones worked under former Wisconsin coach Barry Alvarez as part of his advanced degree curriculum.

Make More Money.

Jones made $14,000 per year before going back to school for an advanced degree. He then gave himself the opportunity to take on bigger roles.

Create a Path to an Athletic Director Role.

Jones says, “You can’t be an AD without a Master’s. They want that advanced degree.”

Give Yourself Other Options.

Jones says a Master’s degree gives him options outside of football. He recently accepted a position with Hella Construction.

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