7 Social Media Influencers in HS Football

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By Dan Guttenplan, FNF Coaches Managing Editor

Some football coaches simply have a knock for controlling the conversation on Twitter. These coaches use the medium for promoting their programs, talking X’s and O’s, sharing insider tips, and making recommendations for products that help their teams win. We put the spotlight on these social media influencers.

Kurt Hines, Coronado High (Calif.)

Handle: @CoachKurtHines

Followers: 36.7K

On Twitter since: Jan. 2014

Approach to Twitter: “Educate, empower and connect!”

What helped you build an audience? “I don’t remember any specific tweets that increased my number of followers, but once I started posting videos, they seemed to resonate with a good number of people.”

How do you use Twitter to market your program? “We encourage our players to pin their Hudl highlights on their accounts, connect with coaches and schools they’re interested in, and to use it as a teaching tool!”

Tony Shiffman, Lake Forest College (Ill.)

Handle: @CoachShiffman

Followers: 14.9K

On Twitter since: March 2009

Approach to Twitter: “Try to have fun with it while still be a positive influence.”

What helped you build an audience? “When Pro Football Hall of Famer Kevin Mawae participated for the first time and when University of Texas OL coach Herb Hand participated.”

How do you use Twitter to market your program? “Being able to tweet out positive graphics or messages about our program shows these student-athletes that we have a ton of pride and passion.”

Christopher Fisher, Ridge Point High (Texas)

Handle: @txhsfbchat

Followers: 15.8K

On Twitter since: June 2015

Approach to Twitter: “An avenue to connect with others and learn.”

What helped you build an audience? “When I began #TXHSFBCHAT in January of 2015, the weekly chat had maybe 10 or 15 coaches participating. The chat has grown to 16,000 followers.”

How do you use Twitter to market your program? “I really don’t use the chat to market our program, with the exception of detailing how we do things in our program when answering the weekly questions.”

Jake Timmerman, Grayson High (Ga.)

Handle: @Coach_Timmerman

Followers: 6.1K

On Twitter since: May 2016

Approach to Twitter: “A great way to connect with coaches from all different parts of the country and even around the world.”

What helped you build an audience?  “I was fortunate enough to be a guest on the Run the Power Podcast last year which definitely helped me grow my social network.”

How do you use Twitter to market your program? “Promoting our players and our program in general by tweeting out pictures, videos and articles that feature our kids.”

Deerick Smith, Southside High (Ark.)

Handle: @coachdeesmith

Followers: 7.2K

On Twitter since: Nov. 2014

Approach to Twitter: “Highlight your kids within the program, make connections, and it acts as an extension of your resume.”

What helped you build an audience? “Once I got to 1,000 followers, it wasn’t long before 2,000 and 3,000. I have picked up a few more followers since I’ve been tagged in several conversations with guys like Travis Mash (@mashelite) and Jason Spray (@JasonSpray).

How do you use Twitter to market your program? “Many teams we play may feel I post too much or I post for myself rather than my kids. That means they are thinking about our program or our brand, and their kids are noticing what we are doing.”

Drew Piscopo, Ashe County High (N.C.)

Handle: @DrewCPiscopo

Followers: 5.7K

On Twitter since: May 2009

Approach to Twitter: “Post things that I would find personal interest in.”

What helped you build an audience? “It really started to grow once I started to post responses to the #AirRaidChat forums that used to be held on Wednesday nights on Twitter.”

How do you use Twitter to market your program? “I have had college coaches at some major programs reach out to me about certain things, and I generally try to use those openings as a chance to talk about our kids.”

Nick Codutti, Tomball High (Texas)

Handle: @coachcodutti

Followers: 9.3K

On Twitter since: June 2012

Approach to Twitter: “Show off my kids and their accomplishments, connect with other coaches.”

What helped you build an audience? “I sent a tweet about four years ago about something we did in the weight room, and I got retweeted by a Div. 1 head football coach, and all of a sudden, I had like 1,000 new followers in about a day.”

How do you use Twitter to market your program? “Show off our accomplishments, rebrand our program, bring credibility and publicity, connect with college coaches for our players.”