FNF Coaches Talk — Offensive Line Drills, Greatest College Coach of All-Time, Getting Players Recruited

FNF Coaches Talk

Good afternoon, Coaches. Let’s get right to the stories.

1. Perfect the kick step with these offensive line drills (Jim McNally)

The spring is a great time to take off the pads and work on technique, and the offensive line is where it all starts for any team. There’s no better instructor than Jim McNally for offensive line drills, and he offers some great ones in this clip.

Coaches — What is your philosophy when it comes to teaching offensive linemen to pass protect?

2. Submit a nomination for our contest recognizing the best college football HC of all-time (FNF Coaches)

Last year, we hosted a poll on our Twitter account asking coaches to vote for the best professional HC of all-time. This year, we’re making the switch to college.

Be sure to submit your nomination today and follow the contest to see who wins.

Who would you vote for as the best college head coach of all-time?

3. Prospect NYS could change football landscape in NY with free recruiting service, events (Rochester Democrat and Chronicle)

Do you struggle to get college coaches and recruiters out to see your players? New York coaches certainly do.

Despite being the fourth largest state in the United States, one report suggests New York is in the bottom half of the country when it comes to producing blue chip athletes, prospects rated as four or five stars by recruiting services.

That’s why Prospect NYS went the unconventional route and plans on making its events and services free for athletes.

Those services include allowing players to submit profiles for Prospect NYS’ extensive database where prospects can include GPA, testing results and contact information. Vitticore has already launched a podcast that has done well on social media, but the biggest event coming up is the Power 50 showcase.

“If we want to help recruiting in New York state, we have to give access to everyone… It’s a huge risk for us and a huge leap of faith. We are on a singular mission to give every player an equal shot at a college football evaluation,” Vitticore said.

In what ways do you try to entice college recruiters to come see your players?

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