5 Tips to Get Your Players to Commit During the Offseason

Coaches find that the most difficult challenge they face in the offseason is boredom among players. Keeping players engaged is a hallmark to any successful offseason program.

Billy Greshman, Carver (Ala.)

Bring in guest speakers. “Bring in different speakers from various aspects of their lives. We bring in police officers, firefighters, lawyers, people who have made progress that players can relate to. They’re not all going to play college football or in the NFL. Show them role models.”

George Wilson, Murrieta Valley (Calif.)

Track attendance. “Consistency is the No. 1 thing. We lift every day, and there are very high consequences for players missing. They get into workouts, and if they’re not consistent, it’s a waste of time. Focus on attendance, being on time, and the tempo of the workout. It’s about logistics and structure.”

Emanuel Powell, Landry Walker (La.)

Put a block in the school schedule. “Football is year-round with strength training the entire year. We’ve started working out in a full block during the school day. In the old days, you’d put the workout on the board. Now you have to be engaged the entire time.”

Tom Ordiales, Braddock (Fla.)

Reward strength training with playing time. “I’m the defensive coordinator, and I like longer, faster athletes on defense. I tell our strength coach what I’m looking for, and he trains the players to fit the defense. If guys aren’t doing the plyometrics or track workouts, they’re not going to fit the mold.”

Garrett Gray, Mission Viejo (Calif.)

Explain injury prevention. “We brought in a strength coach and analyzed each kid for broken chains. We designed individual plans for them. In three months, we design a new plan based on increased speed and size. We looked at all injuries and worked on strengthening the areas that were most susceptible.”

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