5 Tips for Throwing a Pep Rally

By Cody Dalton, FNF Coaches Contributor

Choose the right emcee

The host for your pep rally could ultimately determine whether or not it is a success or not. Make sure you have someone with energy and the ability to connect to your students and athletes. This person could be a coach, athletic director or teacher — maybe even a student.

Pick a theme

When holding a pep rally, sometimes a theme can help get your student body even more enthused and excited. From camouflage to neon colors to beach themes, the more that your students like the theme, the more they are likely to be even more cheerful than usual.


There’s nothing more special than receiving something for free. Incorporating some kind of giveaway to your students, such as throwing out candy or getting a local company or school booster to sponsor T-shirts, cups or sports balls with the school’s mascot and colors, could help booster enthusiasm and keep everyone engaged.


Nothing is more important than the music you choose. Make sure that the songs you play are geared towards your younger audience. While using some fan favorite music might be a great idea, something new and current with your student and athletes will get a better reaction out of them.

All things spirit

Let the students involved in the pep rally be creative, making signs displaying their school pride. Face paint, spirit gear, ribbons and decor featuring the school’s colors could be worn and used during the ceremony. Also make sure to play the school’s fight song, by your school’s marching band or choir.

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