5 Things Coaches Should be Thinking About During Quarantine

By Marc Sheil, Sideline Power Sales and Marketing Manager

Last year in March, you were teaching class, scouting your running back’s 100-meter hurdle times, trying to figure out how to stream March Madness at school, etc. You know, normal spring things. This year however, things are a little different. Now you’re stuck at home, away from your students and athletes, and trying to navigate a world of “social distancing.” It’s a strange feeling.

As a football coach, your mind doesn’t wander too far from football on a daily basis, and that doesn’t change just because of a little quarantine. But in such unprecedented times, what should we be doing? And what CAN we be doing? Football season will be here before we know it, so here’s five things to be thinking about so that we are ready once things get back to normal.

  • Sanitize. We all know the reason we are in this situation is because of a virus going around. Your school has probably already started their sanitization process to get everything cleaned up. Be proactive and take care of your football team’s equipment and areas. Deep clean your office, locker rooms, weight rooms, anywhere your athletes will be… but don’t forget about your equipment. Helmets, pads, weight equipment, coaching headsets, cameras, literally anything that people touch needs to be cleaned. Utilize companies that recondition and clean equipment. Get your headsets and helmets sent in for reconditioning. The goal of all of this is to slow down the spread so we keep everyone healthy. For Sideline Power’s headset reconditioning program, the first and last thing we do with the equipment is clean and sanitize everything.
  • Network. Just because all the coaching clinics and events have been cancelled doesn’t mean you can’t still get out there and learn from other coaches. Utilize the internet and social media for coaching resources. There’s tons of information out there, and everybody is in this situation together so more and more content is being posted online for you to dig into. Facebook groups and Twitter chats are really revving up with a wealth of coaching knowledge. Bounce around ideas and learn from others. We recently launched a Facebook group called #PoweredUp Coaches Community that accomplishes all of the above.
  • Adapt. You probably already have a weight training program established, but it’s probably focused on having your athletes at your facilities. Adapt your program to adjust for kids working out from home. Be creative on at-home workouts to get your kids to work on their athleticism. Find ways to keep them accountable while they work from home; you’ll find out quickly in the fall which kids used their socially distant time productively.
  • Game Film. This one is a given. We’re always watching film as it is, but right now seems like most of us have a little bit more time on our hands. Really take a deep dive into last season’s film and find your weaknesses. Study those weaknesses and find drills that specifically target that area of the game.
  • Online Shopping. With a little more time on your hands, now is your chance to shop around and find out what new tools and gadgets are out there to help you coach better. Technology is booming and things are changing every day, which means you can coach more efficiently if you have the right tools. Sales guys are working from home too and can answer your emails anytime. Your budget might not always be ready, but you can always make a wish list, find out pricing, and put together a great pitch to be ready for your booster club meetings. You know your wife is shopping around online, you might as well join in the fun. Check out www.SidelinePower.com for all the latest technology on headsets, cameras, sound systems, drones, down markers, practice timers, etc.

Don’t forget to take a deep breath and relax a little. Check up on your parents and relatives or old coaching buddies. Spend time with your kids. Football will still be ready for us in the fall, and we’ll be putting in the hours like we do every season, but right now everything else is on a little break. Might as well make the best of it and relax a little bit. We’ll be through all of this before we know it, and life will be back to its normal chaos soon enough.

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