5 Footwork Drills From ‘The Footwork King’

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By Dan Guttenplan, FNF Coaches Managing Editor

Five Footwork Drills

Reverse course. Whitfield has his players sprint for 10 yards in one direction, stop, and then retreat at a full sprint in the opposite direction.

Hip flexibility. A scout will often mention the way in which a defensive back can open his hips. Whitfield has his players practice that skill by backpedaling until their back foot hits a cone, then sprinting on their toes for 15 yards.

The octagon. Whitfield sets up cones in the shape of an octagon, and gives a player the order in which he wants him to sprint to each cone. The goal for the player is to get low at each cone and explode in a new direction.

The Icky Shuffle. A big part of making sharp cuts is maintaining balance. The Icky Shuffle consists of two steps in a row with the same foot, before switching to the other foot. That strengthens balance.

Ladder drills. Whitfield sets up a ladder on each side of a set of six cones. A player has to take as many steps in each gap of a ladder while moving forward before moving to the other side of the cone and doing the same.

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