5 Benefits of a Dance Workout for Football Players

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By Dan Guttenplan, FNF Coaches Managing Editor

Los Alamitos High (Calif.) football coach Ryan Fenton only needed a reminder of Lynn Swann to understand that incorporating a training session with his school’s dance team was the right move for his football players.

Five Benefits of a Dance Workout

Improved balance. Much of the dance workout consisted of Los Alamitos football players learning to balance on their toes and transfer their weight.

Flexibility. Football players grunted their way through difficult poses and stretches, but found increased flexibility in their ankles, hamstrings and major muscle groups.

Injury prevention. Strengthening the muscles in the feet can help prevent plantar fasciitis and shin splints. Dancers are also less susceptible to another common football injury, an ankle sprain.

Muscle development. Football players often spend the offseason building core strength and major muscles groups through squats, bench-press and other heavy lifts. Dance workouts will hone in on the smaller muscles in the legs that are often neglected.

Increased athleticism. Doing athletic activities that take you out of your comfort zone is a great way to increase athleticism. Force players to recruit muscles they don’t use with different movements.

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