3 Tips to Fundraising During the Coronavirus Outbreak

By Dan Guttenplan

Byron Brewer is the National Sales Director at OnlineDonations. The cutting edge online platform has helped groups across the country raise more money by switching from the traditional 20 for 20 friends and family donation letter fundraiser.

Brewer connected with FNF Coaches to answer three questions related to the coronavirus outbreak.

In what ways can coaches soften the blow of the economic downturn without face-to-face fundraisers?

“Our platform is designed to replace old-school, friend and family donation letter fundraising. My nephew played football in Tennessee. Years ago, I remember getting a phone call from my sister asking for my address. Every kid on the football team had to bring 20 addresses for a fundraiser. My nephew waited until the last day to get his 20 addresses.

“I received the letter, put it on my desk, and it sat there for a month. When I talked to my sister, I realized I had forgotten the letter, so I put a check in the mail to send to my nephew. It’s an old-school way of doing it.

“The platform we came up with saves coaches time and helps them raise more money. Teams raise 30 percent more on average when they use online fundraisers vs. old-school donation letters. It’s because they reach more people.”

If a coach decides he wants to do an online fundraiser, how does he get started?

“Getting started is a really simple process. We work with coaches all across the country. They fill out a short questionnaire; it takes 10 minutes. What we’re doing is creating a custom digital campaign for that team. So we’ll ask simple but important questions. What is the team name? What is the goal for each player? Where do we mail the check? What specifically are you raising money for? Who is the contact person? What are your goals for the upcoming year and past accomplishments?

“We create a personalized letter, and they can upload logos, videos and photos. We take that info and customize a campaign. Every team is different, but the common thread is they all need help raising money.”

How long does the fundraiser last?

“We can have the campaign ready in 24 hours. Then we send an email to the group leader explaining the campaign. They can do it all remotely. We go step-by-step through the log-in process to the customized fundraising page. We show them how to share it on social media. It’s a 10 to 15 minute call.

“With our administrative dashboard, one of the main benefits is that only the group leader has access to it. The leader can see every player on the team and how much each has raised. That helps with accountability. If someone is not doing it, they know about it. Each athlete has his own personal fundraising page.

“The day the campaign ends, usually 30 days, we mail a certified check and email the campaign report for their records.”


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