3 Apps a California High School Football Coach Can’t Live Without

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By Dan Guttenplan, FNF Coaches Editor

Beaumont High (Calif.) coach Jeff Steinberg is one of the most accomplished coaches in Southern California. He joined Beaumont in 2018 after successful stints at Rancho Verde, Corona Santiago, AB Miller and Ridgecrest Burroughs. He won CIF Championships at Rancho Verde and Burroughs.

Steinberg recently shared with FNF Coaches his three favorite apps for helping to lead his team.

1. Google Docs

“I’ve been converting all printed documents to Google docs,” Steinberg said. “All of the forms that kids normally sign are online so we can get a digital signature. It saves paper and makes it so much easier when editing. We don’t have to hand stuff out and make sure it gets home. It’s instantaneous when we share it with players and parents. It’s really easy now to go in and check if a kid is athletically cleared to play.”

2. Zoom

“Obviously Zoom has been huge in the last year and a bit. I’m not sure that there’s a go-to app for video conferencing, but any coach that’s using technology is probably right on point. In this day and age, there’s so many good things out there.”

3. Google Meets

“We have to embrace the world we live in. Technology can be a friend and helpful — not to the point that your whole life is football. But it can make coaching easier for you so that you can spend time doing other things.”

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