17 Football Training Tips for Beginners

Source: Elite FTS

For those high school coaches looking to lay out a list of tips for incoming freshmen at the start of the season, this article from Elite FTS might prove handy. The 17 tips include:

When in doubt, lift heavy on big lifts.

Be consistent! Pick a plan and stick to it.

Hard work trumps a plan.

You need to improve athleticism, not just your bench.

To become an all-star, improve football skills all year.

Go fast and then heavy.

Pump up the volume.

If you need to get bigger, time your sets.

Nutrition is as important as training.

Plan your recovery or fail.

To get coaches’ attention, set the tone all the time.

Choose your friends wisely.

Focus on the biggest exercises.

To get faster, get stronger (in the right areas).

Stretch or be slow.

Train on one leg sometimes.

Get your mind right to become a great football player (and lifter).

For further explanation of each of these tips, visit Elite FTS.

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